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DHEA is our most potent anti-inflammatory hormone. For this reason, European Regenerative Medicine doctors call DHEA the “Grace Hormone.” DHEA is an immune modulator. DHEA increases natural killer cell production, yet DHEA activation of Interleukin – 6 suppresses inflammatory cytokines. DHEA acts as an anti-oxidant reducing reactive oxygen species and DHEA supports hormonal regulations of the thyroid and pituitary gland.

DHEA levels and brain tissue are six fold higher than other hormones, therefore optimal DHEA levels are necessary to heal brain damage from brain trauma and brain infections. DHEA serves as an antecedent hormone to testosterone and estradiol. DHEA will naturally increase testosterone levels in men and women. Therefore, DHEA can prevent premature andropause in men and prevent premature menopause in women. DHEA increases skin tone and prevents premature oxidation of facial skin from sun exposure.

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